• Priscilla


    Avid reader, coffee addict & snob, tech lover, music enthusiast, nerdy girl

  • The Random Writer

    The Random Writer

    I’m a teacher. I’m trying to learn how to become a real Writer. I share my journey in here. Please, feel always welcomed. I live in Italy.

  • Techworld


  • Scrotus the Wise

    Scrotus the Wise

    Writer, athlete, actor. Not going quietly into this or any other good night.

  • Sherelee Crawford

    Sherelee Crawford

    Old school enthusiast of morality, values and ethics with a solid base of open-mindedness and Sri Lankan at heart

  • Angela Wood

    Angela Wood

  • Russ Kelly

    Russ Kelly

  • c. paign

    c. paign

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